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Premises Liability

Personal Injury, Worker's Comp, Family Law

Idaho owners/occupiers owe certain duties to people on the premises to avoid exposing them to an unreasonable risk of harm. These duties include the following:

  1. To fix or warn of any dangerous or defective condition which, in the exercise of ordinary care, should have been discovered; And if the dangerous condition is caused by an employee, then the employer is deemed to have knowledge of the dangerous condition;
  2. To exercise ordinary care to customers (invitees) anywhere on the premises where the customer may reasonably be expected to go;
  3. Not to recklessly cause harm, such as failing to warn social visitors (licensees) proceeding on a course that will likely cause harm because of a dangerous condition;
  4. To exercise ordinary care in inspecting the premises to discover dangerous conditions;
  5. To warn a social visitor of dangerous, existing, and known hazards on the land that are not reasonably discoverable by the visitor.