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Worker’s Comp FAQ

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Q: Do I need an attorney if the insurance company is paying my benefits and medical bills?

A: Injured workers should contact Attorney Brent Gunnell to review their case and benefits available. There is no charge for this consultation.


Q: Can I choose my own doctor?

A: Idaho law generally allows the employer and its work comp insurance carrier to choose the primary treating physician, but talk to Brent Gunnell for free to discuss options available to injured workers.


Q: What if my employer does not turn in my claim?

A: Attorney Brent Gunnell will help you fill out and submit the proper form, which is called the First Report of Injury. Generally, an injured worker has 60 days in which to notify the employer of the injury.


Q: What if my employer promises to pay my medical bills?

A: Claimants often feel reluctant to mention work accident injuries to their supervisor, thinking the injury is minor, and will heal quickly, or that they are putting their job in jeopardy. Claims for all injuries should be reported immediately to supervisors, and then submitted by employer in writing to both the employer’s workers compensation carrier, and also to the Idaho Industrial Commission.


Q: What income benefits am I entitled to while I am recovering?

A: Generally, an injured worker is entitled to 67% of the average weekly wage, but not for the first 5 days of work missed, unless the injured worker is hospitalized or is ordered off work by the treating physician for greater than 14 days.


Q: Can I be reimbursed for mileage?

A: Yes, if round trip mileage to a medical provider is greater than 15 miles.


Q: What if my employer’s work comp carrier denies payment of my medical and income benefits?

A: Attorney Brent Gunnell will advise you for free regarding whether you have a claim. To preserve your claim, remember that Idaho law requires that a written complaint form be filed with the Idaho Industrial Commission within 1 year of the date of the work accident.