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Custody and Child Support

We are focused on protecting the rights of our clients while ensuring that child & spousal support is fairly and accurately calculated.

Divorce Agreements

This is a very difficult time in anyone’s life, but we are on your side, with guidance, advice and support.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal support or alimony is a payment from one spouse to another spouse. It is intended to assist a spouse who did not work during the marriage.


According to Idaho law, there are two routes to legally recognizing a man as a child’s father. The first is after the child is born, both parents are given an Acknowledgment of Paternity Form by the hospital. The second way is to establish paternity is by filing a paternity action.

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Family Law is difficult for all parties. We are on your side, listening to your concerns and we are here to help you rebuild your life.

Qualified Family Law Expert

We are focused on protecting the rights of our clients while ensuring child and spousal support is fairly and accurately calculated.

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Sometimes questions are making your life difficult. Please call to make an appointment to align with your schedule.

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We provide men and women responsive, sensitive communications at all phases of the divorce process.

File a paternity action

We can help you establish paternity, or the opposite with a Paternity Action.

Fast Track where Possible for Quicker Resolutions

When facing a divorce, sometimes it seems like your whole life hangs in the balance.

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Brent helped me with my divorce and did an excellent job. What could have turned out poorly turned out fair. I highly recommend him for any family lawyer needs!

Joe Knehans

Nampa, Idaho

“Brent is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. He truly cares and he's honest."

Jay Layland

Boise, Idaho

Gunnell law helped me more than I can ever say. Brent helped me keep my head up and get what I deserved during the hardest time of my life. I will definitely recommend Gunnell law to anyone needing legal help.
Melissa Lethlean
Brent and Michelle are honest, caring and incredibly professional. If you are looking for an attorney to get things taken care of efficiently and ethically this is the law firm and attorney for you!
Mandy Kendall
Brent and Michelle are invaluable resources when you need help. They are personable and a joy to work with. They are patient and took the time to answer all my questions and gave me great advice that I knew I could trust. These guys get results! I highly recommend them. Thank you for all your help.
Kimberly Connolly
Brent and Michelle were great to work with and made a difficult time much easier to deal with.
Brandy Smith
Nampa, Idaho
As my personal experience he's an excellent quality company. They will fight for the highest dollar amount and I would highly recommend this company to anyone .The company is also very trust worthy and honest.
Nelly Espinoza
Meridian, Idaho
Highly recommend Gunnell Law. Professional, timely, informative, and very helpful. Thank you!
Thyna Scott
Eagle Idaho