Family Law

We help you focus on keeping what’s important when things can’t stay together.

Family Law Means

Divorce with Children

 We are here to help clients rebuild their lives while working through the difficult times and the challenges that come with divorce and separation.
Brent and Michelle were absolutely amazing. Not only were they able to accommodate me extremely last minute... I mean DAYS before court, they got in all the necessary paperwork accurately and on time, were very responsive and thorough, attended my court date on time, paid attention to the details of my divorce/custody case, listened to my concerns, gave me honest feedback, and were overall very professional and worth the money spent. I received a detailed description on my services received, and had an incredible experience with them. I am so grateful for this office and their service! Would definitely recommend, and will absolutely use again if needed!
Allisa Brown
Nampa, Idaho
Family Law Means

Divorce with No Children or Adult Children

Married for years with significant holdings or a shorter term marriage and less assets, we are well-prepared to achieve the best possible results when it comes to dividing property.

Such a great team. So patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and trustworthy. Thank you so much!
Jo Ingwerson
Boise, Idaho
Family Law Means

Custody Modifications

Decisions made in the past can and should be reviewed. Some custody arrangements are made when children are babies, or in pre-school. As children mature, custody arrangements may need to be modified to accommodate their schedules better. What is best for everyone at the time changes, and custody can also be changed to reflect this.

I had a short time to find a family law attorney, and I came across Gunnell Law PC on google, Brent helped with my case and was very helpful and informative. It was a pleasure to work with both of them. I would in a heartbeat recommend them to family and friends.
Nicole Wright
Nampa, Idaho