Auto Collisions

Idaho drivers owe a duty to use ordinary care for the safety of others. Ordinary care means the care a reasonably careful person would use when doing something under similar circumstances.

The owner of a vehicle is equally responsible for the carelessness of a driver who is driving the vehicle with the owner’s permission.

The injured party (plaintiff) is entitled to recover from the at-fault party (defendant) the amount of money that will reasonably and fairly compensate the plaintiff for the following damages:

1.The nature of the injuries;
2.The physical and mental pain and suffering;
3.The impairment of abilities to perform usual activities;
4.The disfigurement caused by the injuries;
5.The aggravation caused to any preexisting condition;
6.The reasonable value of necessary medical care, and the present value of reasonably certain future medical care;
7.The reasonable value of past earnings lost, and the present value of future earning capacity lost because of the injury;
8.The reasonable value of necessary services provided by another in doing things for the plaintiff, which, except for the injury, the plaintiff would ordinarily have performed, and the present value of such services reasonably certain to be required in the future.

You should never reject UNDERINSURED MOTORIST (UIM) COVERAGE in case another driver injures you, your passenger, or a member of your household, but lacks sufficient insurance coverage to pay all damages.

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