Worker’s Compensation

Protecting the Rights of Injured Workers

At Gunnell Law, your needs come first. We start with a free consultation on your case. We have 24 years experience advocating for the rights of injured workers and fighting for the compensation they need. Our main focus is to serve the injured with compassion, and keep the insurance companies from withholding the compensation that you deserve.

Your Opponents Already have Lawyers Working for them – Who is on Your Side?

We will evaluate your situation and give you the best advice we can: if you have a case, best case scenarios if you win, what happens if you lose and next steps. Every state is different, and we are experts in Idaho and Oregon laws and regulations that cover the workplace, Our policy is no fees until you are compensated.

Filing for Workers’ Comp in Idaho

Workplace accidents have always been a concern – thus the requirements for basic safety measures, on-the-job-training and regulations. Most employers are required to contribute monthly to a worker’s comp fund and carry safety insurance. Workers’ compensation was originally established to protect the rights and the health of injured workers. Unfortunately, workers don’t always get all the benefits they are entitled to receive. Many employers are so focused on the company bottom line they ignore the needs of injured workers. Insurance companies commonly take action to attempt to pay out as little as possible, and employ any number of tactics toward that end. It is an established fact that workers often do not receive full benefits without the help of an attorney.

Hiring an experienced Idaho workers’ compensation attorney is very important in any case of serious injury. With Gunnell Law, your case will be in the hands of a true professional, one who cares about you and is ready to advocate for your right to full compensation.

Our goal with each claim is to secure the maximum benefits you are entitled under law to receive. We have 24 years experience with workers’ compensation cases. With our firm, you will always know where you stand, what the next step will be, and we are responsive to all of your questions and concerns.

You Focus on Getting your Life Back, We’ll Focus on Your Case

Getting hurt while at work can be a bad experience. While dealing with medical treatments and recovering from your injuries, you have enough to worry about. The whole workers’ comp process can be complex and frustrating. There is red tape built into the system, and many insurance companies are just concerned with protecting themselves. Researching and filing for benefits can be frustrating, and you should have the peace of mind of knowing that your attorney knows the system. Our driving focus is to keep the insurance company from withholding the compensation you deserve. Let a dedicated Treasure Valley workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm help you obtain the full benefits you are entitled to receive.

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